Let’s not hide from this important topic

An interesting research report is available online that details Australian suicide rates based on ABS statistics data in 2015/2016. What we were interested in researching are the trends and movement of these rates on our younger generations. Although it’s great to see that these rates have dropped in the last 2 decades among 20-24 year olds, but what should be a worrying sign is that the trend has reversed strongly in the last 6 years within the male population and showing signs of increase within the females.

This is a worrying trend indeed if we realise that these stats are based on the first generation of youngsters going through the personal technology revolution.

If Australia is truly a great place to live, then why is this occurring? Why is it that our young adolescents feel this need to take their lives? Not only do we need to understand it, but perhaps it’s time to re-balance our lives as a community and an important role for families to recognise the need to step away from technology as the only source for entertainment and lifestyle.

Let’s be clear, we are not correlating these increases to technology being the only cause, but it’s certainly worth questioning the motives of these kids and reasons of depression in a country of such good fortunes.

Age-standardised Suicide Rates 1989-2015 (20-24 year olds) ABS

The report is available from here: http://www.mindframe-media.info/for-media/reporting-suicide/facts-and-stats

Or download the PDF directly from here:
Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016) Catalogue No. 3303.0
Causes of Death, Australia, 2015.