The next generation – nature is optional

We watch out kids grow up in this modern world, and as parents and carers, we make sure we put “limits” on their exposure to technologies and their use. But do you find these “limits” are creeping up to be longer and more expansive than ever before? What you thought would be 30 minutes, turns into 2 hours? 2 hours throughout the day instead of a one time sit-down. Is one hour of tablet use reasonable? If you are going to the outdoors? Is tablet use in the car reasonable – because it keeps them distracted?

Distracted and detached – maybe it’s synonymous?

The important thing to note is that it’s not about “controlling” the behavior with limitations, but beyond that, getting your child to truly understand the important things that are around them. Getting them distracted seems like a good idea at first, but what if you have started a chain events that carries through to the rest of their lives?

Photo courtesy of 123rf. Copyright: epicstockmedia / 123RF Stock Photo